Beer Label, Founders Brewing Co.Beer Label, Founders Brewing Co. ink, colored pencil, pastel, 2016. World Hoop Day MI poster artWorld Hoop Day MI poster art ink and digital, 2012 Precious Territory LogoPrecious Territory Logo Vector Logo, 2013 Restorative Justice PosterRestorative Justice Poster Poster / Book Cover, 2012 - 2014 Event PosterEvent Poster watercolor, pastel, 2012. Brewers Collaboration PosterBrewers Collaboration Poster Pastel, 2012. Beer Release PosterBeer Release Poster Ink, digital, 2012. "Suddenly the beast arose...""Suddenly the beast arose..." Acrylic, 22"x28" 2011. For ArtPrize Show Poster (Hannah Rose Graves)Show Poster (Hannah Rose Graves) watercolor, pastel, 2012. "A Forest""A Forest" Watercolor, acrylic, pastel, 2011. "Undertow - A Crime"Undertow - A Crime's Story" Book cover, author Henry Granger "Mike Patton(s)""Mike Patton(s)" mixed, 2010. "A Musician""A Musician" mixed media, 2011. "The Last Smoke""The Last Smoke" watercolor, digital, 2010. Kuhnhenn Brewing Co.Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. Digital logo, coaster, scratchboard